Nothing beats the thrill of riding a Duck!

Explore one of the largest wetlands in Northern India from within the comforts of our Duck Tours. These enthralling rides have been designed to offer you a journey of a lifetime. Our Water Buses travel on both water and land (Yes, you read that right!) and intend on taking you through unusual routes where you will experience mesmerizing views all around. Our rides include a well versed tour guide who will offer you all the information you seek while encouraging any questions that you might have. Bring along your best camera, sharpest binoculars and maybe a notebook and book your ride now!

Nature Enthusiasts will love this place for the very ambiance it creates, Bird Watchers would prefer our duck tours for the close proximity to the avian species that it provides and fellow travellers must come along for the once in a lifetime group tour across the Harike Wetland.

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